About Us

Welcome to newevers, my shop selling special print clothing.

I am proud to offer everything designed and crafted by my Latvian-based brand newevers.

These yarns are knitted using eco-friendly technology and carefully hand-sewn for durability.

All of our pieces are ethically made in Latvia in several small facilities with great traditions and many years of experience.Our brand is everything about ensuring quality, promoting transparency, enforcing sustainable practices and ethical approach. We empower our customers to lead the manufacture process by working on pre - order basis and while producing in line with demand we are able to reduce waste and offer reasonable prices by cutting waste - related loss. For us creating ethical items bring the sense of community and it is like quite protest against mass produced goods . We do not make things just to make money. The items are not just for profit. We make goods that involve years of learned skills, passion, commitment and sincerity.

Since knitting is my passion since childhood, every order means a lot to me and I’m doing my best preparing it for you!

In 2018 we launched our first boutique in Latvia.No matter where you live, our clothing are available online. We ship worldwide!